broken symmetry


broken symmetry is a private company run by me, Scott Griffiths. I'm a software engineer based in Bristol, UK. I used to do a bit of physics, but nowadays mostly do interesting stuff with computers and try to get good at playing Go.

The company doesn't really need to have a website, but it doesn't feel like a real company without one, so I've thrown this together with some information about my work and a few projects.

Coding Projects



The Python bitstring module is a popular bit manipulation library that lets you do bitwise operations with the ease and expressiveness of Python. It's been around for several years now and is very stable - the main work outstanding is optimisations using C.

I wrote it because I needed to do lots of one-off tasks with coded video streams and I couldn't find anything that quite suited my needs. The first version was downloaded six times - all of them were me checking if the download counter was still working. The counter at PyPI now ticks along at about 200,000 downloads a year.

The Go Clock

The Go Clock is undoubtedly the best virtual clock on a Go board ever devised by man.

It's available as an app for iOS devices, completely free, and the source code is on my GitHub account. So far it has failed to achieve the popularity I might have hoped for, perhaps due to the inconvenience of using the equipment of an esoteric 3000 year old board game to tell the time when so many simpler options are available. But I'm not bothered by others' need for instant temporal gratification as it was fun and instructive to write, and most importantly I like using it.

A web version is available if you want a quick look, but it might be out of date, plus the code is optimised for mobile Safari so there may be some issues with other browsers



Vidcheck is a Bristol, UK based company that supplies the best video and audio auto-QC software available. It's main product is called Vidchecker, but that hasn't stopped it becoming successful. I've spent a lot of time since 2010 helping to build the business from a startup with no products and no customers, to a thriving business with some products and some customers.

My work has included devising and implementing lots of baseband video tests, such as interlaced field order checking, Photo Sensitive Epilipsy (PSE) flashing and pattern tests, detecting freeze frames and colour bars - that sort of thing. I also enjoy making the product's web UI as functional as I can and as shiny as they'll let me.





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